Youth of the Month-Roberts Club

Congratulations, Youth of the Month - Roberts Learning & Achievement Center
August 2017-Kori White
When we think of a great team player at the Roberts Learning Achievement Center we think of 9-year-old, Kori White. This 4th grader at Emma Love Hardee Elementary School kept a place on A-B Honor Roll last school year and he aspires to achieve Straight A’s for the 2017-2018 school year. With a passion for sports, Kori excelled on the Boys & Girls Clubs’ Basketball Team, competing against other local teams. His goal is to play college basketball and to become an NBA coach as a career.

 Kori’s favorite subjects at school are math and science, and he usually aids his little brother at home with homework. Kori is very respectful and always seeks opportunities to help any staff during programming. He is a pleasure to have as a Roberts Club member.     
April 2017-Ximena Trejo
Since Ximena Trejo became a member of the Roberts Club, she has truly made her mark with both staff and other members. At age 10, she has an amazing ability to relate to younger kids and help staff keep them calm and engaged in Club programs. At Yulee Primary School, Ximena loves reading and science. She is bilingual in Spanish and English, a talent that will aid in her future achievements.

She delights in drawing and also in riding her bike – her favorite sport – and in joining family activity at home. Ximena is an asset in any group at the Club with her big smile and sense of humor. When she grows older, she hopes to become a medical doctor and practice right here in Fernandina. That bodes well for the health of the community!
March 2017-Aaron Thomas
The big grin you see on the face of Aaron Thomas is one he wears every hour of the day. A most cheerful and joyful youngster, his attitude is contagious with both other Roberts Club members and the Club staff. Just age nine years and in 2nd grade at Southside Elementary, Aaron is a leader – encouraging his peers to participate in Club activities.

At school, he is most enthusiastic about science and technology. At home, he enjoys being engaged with his family and loves playing with his baby twin brothers. After a year as a Roberts Club member, Aaron has become friends with just about everyone in his age group. He aspires to attend college and thinks it would be great to be a manager at a Legoland.
February 2017-Jordan Rogers
Jordan Rogers represents the best of what the Clubs seek to teach. At age 12 and in 7th grade at Fernandina Beach Middle School, Jordan is a leader and eager participant in Roberts Club functions. He has earned the role of announcer on the Club PA system, calling our Club members names when they are to be picked up in the late afternoon.

The Club Staff know that Jordan can always be counted on to assist with off-site trips and other volunteer opportunities. His other activities include those of his church and team sports: baseball, in particular. Jordan is kind and well-behaved, remarkably mature, and is respected by all who he has come to know in his three years of Club membership. After college, Jordan aims to serve in the Marine Corps, where he would no doubt be leader, too.      
January 2017-Jayce Hickman
Jayce Hickman is not the tallest youngster for his age of nine years, but he may have the biggest heart of his peers. He is a natural leader among the members of the Roberts Club, a consistently well-mannered and courteous young man, greatly admired by the Club staff. His humor, intelligence and maturity made him stand out, even more than his recently shed shoulder-length head of hair.

Jayce’s favorite program at the Club is the Technology Lab and he does well in the 3rd grade math and science classes at Emma Love Hardy Elementary School. Jayce enjoys the opportunity to be outside in our fine Florida weather, playing sports and being with his family – a big change from his first home in Indiana. His ambition is to join the Army and serve his country, a true young patriot.
December 2016-Jalen Evans
Jalen Evans is one of four siblings who are members of the Roberts Club, each of whom is a credit to their family. Jalen is the third in the line and at age nine, has been a member for just over a year. Her attitude brings joy to the room, always smiling and in a good mood. Although only in 3rd grade at Emma Love Hardy Elementary, Jalen displays amazing maturity, intelligence and leadership ability.

At school, she finds math and reading to be her favorites. Her outside interests include bike riding, attending Church each Sunday and spending time with her grandparents when they visit. Surprisingly, Jalen has a career objective already in mind: she wants to be a police officer. Her dedication to that goal is strong, and may well continue as Jalen grows up.   
November 2016-Andre Lucas
Andre Lucas is an athlete who brings joy and enthusiasm each day to the Roberts Club. In 6th grade at Fernandina Beach Middle School, this youngster is a real plus in the Club Sports and Fitness program where he leads and often offers to assist Coach Lewallen. At school, he is involved with most of the sports teams, including football, basketball, baseball and track.

Andre does well academically, participating in the Homework Club sponsored by Communities in School. Math is his favorite subject. At home, he is faithful in doing chores and is responsible for the family dog. At age 12, Andre aspires to play professional football but also believes it would be wise to study engineering in college, perhaps at University of Alabama or Clemson. His great attitude should carry him far.
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