Board of Directors


​A dedicated group of people from all areas of the community with a vast array of talents and skills come together on a monthly basis to develop, direct and organize fundraising efforts and special programs to ensure the continued great programs begun in 2000.
This "Working" Board of Directors continually reviews and assesses the community's future needs to align services that help our youth. They ensure professional protection of funds and careful allocation of dollars, as well as work to protect and maintain our facilities for the two local Clubs.
Though they receive no compensation of any sort, they are all "working" Board members. They head up or serve on various Foundation committees to perform duties such as marketing and communication, provide financial and budgetary services, conduct money management, and, of course, organize and execute funding raising efforts and events. In addition, most Board members volunteer in the Clubs. Board members also make a financial commitment to the Foundation and Clubs.
These individuals are passionate about kids and the local community. They generously give their time, talent and treasure toward helping Nassau County kids thrive. Speak to any one of them about how you can get involved.
The Board of Directors of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Nassau County Foundation adheres to strict legal and ethical standards in its operations and follows Basic Governance Practices for tax-exempt organizations as described by the IRS Form 990.   
​For more information on all Basic Governance Practices can be obtained by calling the Foundation Office on 904 (261-8666) or
2017 -2018
Clara V. Miller, President
Steve Nadeau, Vice President - Finance
Ann Elizabeth Moser, Vice President
John Campbell Elwell, Vice President
Joan B. Sheppard, Secretary
Rosanne (Rose) Baugh
Nancy Carpenter
Tim Flanagan
Steven A. Garrett, DMD
William H. Gower
Tim Poynter
Charlotte Roberts
Dallas Palecek 
Bill Stash
Van Dyke Walker
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