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Congratulations, Youth of the Month - Miller Freedom Center
August 2017-Emma Everett
Emma Everett is a youngster who is a ray of sunshine at the Miller Freedom Club. At age 10 and in 5th grade at Yulee Elementary School, she sets an example of maturity that belies her years. Emma leads by example, displays restraint and grace if conflicts arise, and is quick to counsel and help younger Club members. She knows and abides by Club rules and is always willing to help Club staff. 

At home, Emma spends much time with her large family, at church and playing games. A sports fan, particularly enjoying softball, she finds most pleasure at school in math and reading. When she grows up, Emma would like to build on her love of animals by becoming a veterinarian after getting her college education. We think Emma’s future is bright!
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April 2017-Remington Lovitt
Remington Lovitt is a remarkably mature girl for her age of 12 years. She displays this maturity by outstanding behavior, always respectful, and is a pleasure to be with. In addition, she is an assistant to staff in the Technology Room, a role normally reserved for teenagers. She leads by example.

The activity Remington enjoys most is singing, both in the choir at Fernandina Middle School and in the Youth Choir at Journey Church. She is very involved with the needs of her family at home: housekeeping, caring for pets and cooking – her favorite. Remington thinks a career as a veterinarian is an attractive goal, as well as playing professional sports. Her mature approach to life will surely lead to success.
March 2017-Michelle Bingham
Michelle Bingham is in 6th grade at Yulee Middle School and, at age 13, is an outstanding role model for the younger members of the Miller Club. With her position in the Junior Staff Program, Michelle excels at helping Club staff with Club activities and, particularly, has become a mentor to members in the 6 to 7 year-old group. She is the same helpful person around the house at home: cleaning, caring for pets and cooking. Michelle does well at school where she has math and history as favorite subjects.

But where she stars at school is as an outfielder and good batter with the Lady Hornets softball team. Michelle hopes to attend college, perhaps with a sports scholarship, and initially pursue a professional sports opportunity. Longer term, she looks to find her career choice in the field of medicine. 
February 2017-Vanessa Smith
Vanessa Smith is a delightful youngster in 3rd grade at Yulee Elementary. Popular with other Miller Club members, Vanessa is a great role model for her peers. She participates in several Club programs such as Top Tomatoes, learning about growing plants, the Learning Zone and, her favorite, the Games Room. At home, Vanessa helps with house cleaning, the care of her younger sister and her kitten named Winter.

At school, Vanessa is an A-B student, loves reading and math. At age nine, she has not yet firmed-up a vision of her higher education but thinks teaching would be a rewarding career. We think she would excel as a teacher or whatever path she takes in the future.    
January 2017-Morgan Pafford
Morgan Pafford attends 2nd grade at Yulee Primary School and, at age 8 years, is already a role model for other members of the Miller Freedom Club. She achieves straight A’s in class, is active in gymnastics and cheerleading in the community, and is an accomplished horseback rider.

When at the Club, Morgan is well-mannered, a participant in Club programs and a delight to be with. She is eager to help with chores at home and does her own laundry. While Morgan has plenty of time to decide on her future as a grown-up, she thinks it would be great to have a career as a nurse or, building on her love for animals, a veterinarian.
December 2016-Tahj Avery
Tahj Avery is an eleven-year-old with a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to have as a member of the Miller Club. He is invariably well-behaved, respectful and trustworthy. A natural leader at the Club, he stands out among the other members and finds the Computer Lab to be his favorite activity. In 6th grade at Yulee Middle School, Tahj maintains a spot on the A/B Honor Roll and excels at Science.

At home, he willingly does chores and is responsible for caring for the family dog. Tahj has already formed his aspirations for college and a career. He hopes to study technology at Full Sale University in Winter Park, FL as preparation to become a programmer and designer of video games.
November 2016-Ryanne Manning
Only seven-years old, Ryanne Manning is an exceptional youngster who radiates love and joy to everyone at the Miller Club. When the Club staff awards prizes for good behavior, Ryanne is almost guaranteed to be a winner. Further, she is a natural leader and exemplifies fairness and sportsmanship. During the Learning Zone program, she is one of the most attentive members.

Ryanne is in 2nd grade at Yulee Primary School where her favorite subjects are science and math. She loves doing fun things with her family, particularly her younger brother. Even at her young age, Ryanne has formed a clear idea of her future as a grown-up: she wants to be a dentist. Whatever path Ryanne takes, she seems sure to be successful.
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