Results from the FL TaxWatch Study
(September 2013)

Florida Boys & Girls Clubs Do Make A Difference!

"And they save state taxpayers significant sums of money."

News-Leader, Friday December 13, 2013
Article: "Boys & Girls Clubs Pay Off for Taxpayers, Too"

Florida Boys & Girls Clubs provide youths with a safe place to go after school and on weekends where they can learn while having fun. Florida Boys and Girls Clubs participants have higher academic achievement levels and lower juvenile detention rates, according to an independent economic analysis from Florida TaxWatch. The report demonstrates significant differences in educational and juvenile justice outcomes versus peers who do not take advantage of the clubs' programs.  And they save state taxpayers significant sums of money. <continue...>

An Analysis of Educational, Juvenile Justice, and Economic Outcomes

The Florida Boys and Girls Clubs (FBGC) are local nonprofit organizations that offer a number of after-school programs to help participants develop positive character traits, improve academic performance, and prevent delinquency.

In order to evaluate the economic benefits of the FBGC, Florida TaxWatch compared club participants to demographically similar students. <continue...>


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